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Aeroseal Global of Montreal has been mentioned many times on various different news outlets! People and the media  are usually very impressed by the way Aeroseal’s technology works. It’s almost like magic!


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Aeroseal will seal your air ducts while Aerobarrier will seal your property’s envelop.

The aeroseal sealant itself consists of a vinyl acetate polymer. Its ingredients are those commonly found in hairspray and chewing gum.

Yes, it is very safe. It’s nontoxic (As certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and it is UL approved. Most telling however, is that aeroseal has been used at some of today’s most prestigious medical facilities.

Aeroseal has a ten-year warranty – but don’t confuse that with lifespan, which is much longer.

One-time Process. Lifetime Benefits.

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