Duct Sealing & Envelope Sealing in Mount Royal

Envelope & Duct Sealing in Mount Royal

Duct Sealing & Envelope Sealing in Mount Royal is something that many people are searching for! Hence these are the top solutions to convert a property into an energy efficient property. 

Are you facing any of these issues?

High Utility Bills

Uneven Temperature between floors

Bad air quality: dust, pollen, pollutants and even mold

Decreased Home Safety (moldy crawlspace or attic)

Vulnerable foundation/structure

Outside odors/food odors

Pest/insect infiltration

Aeroseal Global in Mount Royal can solve all of these issues with two of their innovative services.

1 - Duct Sealing with Aeroseal in Mount Royal

Firstly, did you know that 25 – 40% of the air from your air ducts are escaping through tiny cracks and holes in your ducts? That’s 25-40% of increased utility bill every month! Fortunately, we have a solution! We seal your air ducts from the inside using Aeroseal technology. Higher utility bills in Mount Royal are common and thus, we help properties in your area fix this huge problem.

furthermore, financial problems are just part of the loss. The waste of air through your ducts actually causes damage. Damage to your attic, crawl space and walls. It even builds mold behind walls! Thus, sealing ducts in Mount Royal has been helping many residents and business owners save money on their utility bills.

Third, leaky air ducts decreases your property’s durability. How you might ask? There’s something called the venturi effect. This is like a vacuum effect. Ducts with holes and cracks actually can suck air in! As a result, unfiltered air that contains debris, allergens and moldy air affect your air quality as well as your property’s durability.

Therefore, if you care about your property, you should be worried of unseen problems. In other words, problems that unsealed ducts have caused and will cause. Think of your walls. Your structures and foundation might be at risk of molding!

Aeroseal Fun fact: This technology comes from aerospacial science! We inject our airborne sealant inside the duct works and the sealant will identify and find all the holes to block them off. This allows the airflow to go where we need it and not to be lost in unconditioned space

Want to understand how AeroSeal Global works? Take a look at the video below.

Duct and Envelope Sealing; A return on your investement!

In fact, average energy efficient properties in Mount Royal have their investment returned within 5 years. Therefore, that’s a big reason why people invest! On the whole, to save money, their planet, and their health.

2 - Envelope Sealing with AeroBarrier in Mount Royal

Indeed, AeroBarrier is here to seal all the tiny cracks and holes in your living space. As a result, we contain the temperature of your home. Subsequently, we can prevent the outside temperature from infiltrating your home.

Similarly to Aeroseal, our AeroBarrier technology adds value to homes in the Mount Royal area. Moreover, the Aerobarrier technology eliminates the infiltration of contaminants. For example, pest, odor, pollutants, dust and allergens. In fact, unfiltered air from outside of your living environment can infiltrate your home through the tiny holes in your envelope. Meanwhile, many of these tiny holes are invisible to the naked eye. We’re here to show them to you! Our high tech equipment can show you the unseen! Let us evaluate how much energy your home is losing. Truly, we’re sure that we can surprise you! See how efficient your home can be. This requires a properly sealed envelope.

Average homes in Mount Royal have an opening of 12″x12″ (Inches)  in their homes! Therefore imagine all the holes in your envelope that accumulate to a total of 12″x12″ Inch opening! Just picture having a 12″x12″window open in your home at all times? Imagine how hard your HVAC has to work if you leave a window open on a hot summer day. Likewise for the cold winter days! Indeed, this is what’s happening to most homes in Mount Royal! 

Returns on your investment

At last, Sealing Envelopes of homes in Mount Royal has added value to all of the properties of the area. In fact, on average, it is proven that a well sealed envelope can reduce your monthly utility bill by up to 30%.

In other words, sealing your home’s envelope will have your investment returned within 5 years!

Aerobarrier fun fact: AeroBarrier is an innovative automated envelope sealing technology that aims to make energy efficient and performance homebuilding attainable for builders in Quebec (& worldwide). Certified as GreenGuard Gold and Built Green, our sealing technology safely and effectively seals the entire building, eliminating the problems and shortcomings of traditional construction techniques. This also replaces manual labour with an automated, computer-driven, precision-controlled operation.

Want to understand better how AeroBarrier Global operates? Watch the 2 videos below!

Aeroseal & Aerobarrier are both Environment Friendly!

Aeroseal Global of Mount Royal is a proud partner of One Tree Planted. With their help, we plant trees for every home that we service! As a result, we can help make our planet a better place!

Let’s talk about the sealant and Aeroseal’s Formula.

First, the formula used is safe for your family, pets and even your plants! Aeroseal’s forumla is a water-soluble organic compound that can be used in hospitals, surgery centers, schools and even public buildings. In other words, our solutions are meant to increase the air’s quality.

Second, Aeroseal’s sealant does not emit any harmful fumes. It is safe to breathe and has been tested by an independent lab. In other words, it has been found to have extremely low concentration of VOCs.

Third, the sealant takes about 2 hours to dry. It does not damage any of your interior belongings. Indeed, Aeroseal & Aerobarrier technicians are trained to protect all of your home equipment before they start the sealing process.

In conclusion, our mission is to convert energy wasting homes of Mount Royal into energy efficient power houses! Therefore, the more air ducts and envelopes we seal in Mount Royal, the more homes we help achieve a Net-Zero efficiency. Hence this helps reduce the emitted carbon monoxide (Co).

Does Aerseal Global in Mount Royal offer other services than Duct Sealing and Envelope Sealing?

Yes, Aeroseal Global in Mount Royal provides many other solutions to achieve a superior & cleaner environment. Some of these solutions are Duct related. Yet others are Envelope related. Let us break it down for you.

Solutions related to your ducts

Duct cleaning in Mount Royal

Air duct Sanitation in Mount Royal

Ductwork Leakage Test in Mount Royal

Camera Inspection through air ducts in Mount Royal

HVAC Equipment Inspection & Evaluation in Mount Royal

Aeroseal in your Mount Royal makes sure that your environment is clean and energy efficient. These solutions are recommended by our experts either prior or post a duct sealing project depending on each property. Would you like an expert opinion? Fill out the form below!

Does your property qualify?

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