Duct Sealing 

Our sealing technology will improve air quality, comfort, reduce your utility bill and save the planet at the same time!

How does Aeroseal’s work?

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Why does every property need their air ducts sealed?

In a typical house, 20 to 30 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts.

Benefits of Aeroseal & Aerobarrier

Known as “one of the most beneficial energy technologies”

Big Savings

Realize an annual savings of up to $850 per year on your heating and cooling bill.

Breathe Better

Say goodbye to dirty air, allergens, and contaminants  infiltrating your property.

Better Airflow

Sealed cracks and openings will allow your HVAC to push air through your entire building efficiently.

Energy Efficient

Your HVAC system will work much less to provide better results.

Consistent Temperatures

Have consistent temperature across your entire property. Colder rooms are old stories.

Environment Friendly

Nontoxic solution cetified by Occupational Safetyand health Administration. Let’s save the world together!

Reduced Pest Migration

Aeroseal & Aerobarrier can seal holes as large as 5/8″. With no small entrance to your home, bugs stay where they belong: outside!

Less Odors

Cooking odors, marijuana, smoke, nothing will enter or escape through your property. Let the ventilation do that job!

Step 1

Preparation & deployment

We cover and protect the work area before starting the sealing process.

Step 2

Pre-sealing preparation of the ductwork

We block all the supply vents with foam plugs.

Step 3

Evaluating air leakage in the ductwork

We inject air to determine the amount of leakage in the ductwork

Step 4

Sealing the ductwork

With Aeroseal’s equipment we inject micro Aeroseal glue particles into the airflow that travel through your ducts to seal the cracks and joints of your ductwork.

Step 5

Post sealing evaluation of air leakage & certification

The Aeroseal machine will measure the air leakage again and a certification of the results is printed to show how well your ducts have been sealed.

Step 6

End results

A very efficient ventilation system that will help you save energy, increase comfort & the lifecycle of your equipments.

Would you leave your window open at all times?

All the tiny holes in your duct system equals to one or two windows open at all times. Can you imagine having a window open during the cold winters or the hot summers?

A visible solution to invisible problems  

Here are a few scenarios in which Aeroseal Global has proven to enhance life quality as well as the planet’s.

Frequent HVAC repairs

With hundreds of tiny holes in your ductwork, it is only natural for your HVAC system to push harder and stay on for longer hours

Uneven temperatures

Most HVAC technicians will suggest for a system upgrade if you're experiencing temperature inconsistencies. Aeroseal can resolve your issues at a fraction of a cost WHILE decreasing your monthly utility bill! The reason why you have rooms that are not up to comfortable temperatures, is because of air leakage through your air ducts!


We have had customers experiencing headaches in their homes, and after many hospital visits, they never figured out what was causing the headaches in the morning. With Aeroseal, huminity is under control & mold growth is prevented. Healthier air though a night sleep prevented our customer from getting those morning headaches! Read more about this story.

Equipment used in Aeroseal

We use high tech equipment to examine and resolve invisible issues.


Aeroseal Equipment

The magic equipment. This machine right here has been able to seal hundreds of homes. We plug this machine into your ductwork to inject nano glue particles into your ducts, to seal holes bigger than 5/8 inches!

Infrared Camera

In some cases, we use our thermal imaging gear to detect air leakage. Remember that air leakage is invisible to the eye. It only becomes visible when the utility bill comes knocking on your door… or when Aeroseal comes to the rescue!

Aeroseal Global HVAC Inspection

Remote Controled Robot Inspection

To identify problems we cannot see, we employ our high tech remote controled robot into the ducts to unveal the issues.

Drone Inspection

In some cases, we use our thermal imaging gear to detect air leakage. Remember that air leakage is invisible to the eye. It only becomes visible when the utility bill comes knocking on your door… or when Aeroseal comes to the rescue!


Together, we can protect the environment

Less carbon footprint
Less carbon footprint
Less Vibration
Increased Comfort
Decreased Utility Bill
Increased Air Quality

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